James J. Reeves II

Partner with Melchiode Marks King.

Reported Decisions/Slip Opinions:


Reeves Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment; Insurance Coverage:

In Cotton v. Brentwood Hospital, Case No. 597,747-B before the First Judicial District Court of Caddo Parish, Reeves, representing his client, Evanston Insurance Company, prevailed on a motion for summary judgment.  In this case, Reeves' client issued an insurance policy to a painter. Allegedly, the painter failed to properly perform an interior paint job for a local hospital. The hospital claimed approximately $100,000 in damage caused by the improperly performed work. Reeves filed a motion for summary judgment under Evanston's commercial general liability policy, raising the argument that Evanston should be dismissed because a commercial general liability policy does not provide insurance coverage for poorly performed work.  According to Louisiana law, improperly performed work is either not a covered accident under a liability policy, or is excluded by the "work-product" exclusions of a standard liability policy. The court agreed, and Reeves' client was dismissed from the lawsuit.