James J. Reeves II

Partner with Melchiode Marks King.

Reported Decisions/Slip Opinions:


Reeves Prevails in ~$1M Trial of Alfred Conhagen, Inc. of Louisiana v. Ruhrpumpen, Inc. et al.

James Reeves and Jerry Melchiode prevailed in the trial of the Alfred Conhagen, Inc. of Louisiana v. Ruhrpumpen, Inc. et al. matter pending before Judge Piper Griffin in Orleans Parish Civil District Court. Reeves and Melchiode represented Alfred Conhagen, Inc. against Ruhrpumpen Inc. in a negligent subcontractor bid case. In particular, Ruhrpumpen quoted Conhagen a price for a mechanical pump and appurtenant parts, but grossly erred in the price calculation. The error was not discovered by Ruhrpumpen until after Conhagen submitted a binding bid integrating the pump price, and after it was discovered, Ruhrpumpen then attempted to conceal the error. It ultimately cost Conhagen almost a million dollars to purchase a replacement pump in order to complete the contract.

Conhagen argued that they were entitled to recovery from Ruhrpumpen based upon theories of negligence and detrimental reliance.  The Court agreed and awarded Conhagen the full amount of the amount Conhagen had to spend to buy a replacement pump.