James J. Reeves II

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Reported Decisions/Slip Opinions:


Reeves Prevails on Summary Judgment in Coverage Case with Underlying Multi-Billion Dollar Damages:

(Ticknor et al v. Rouses Enterprises, LLC)  James Reeves represented Evanston Insurance Company, which issued a general liability policy to Rouse's Grocery Stores, a grocery store chain sued by a putative plaintiff class of customers for Rouse's alleged violation of FACTA/FCRA in printing more than the permitted amount of information on Rouse's point-of-sale receipts.  Reeves, on Evanston's behalf, filed for summary judgment on coverage, ultimately prevailing on an issue of first impression in the Federal Fifth Circuit - that is, whether or not a general liability policy provides coverage for alleged FACTA violations.  The full 22-page opinion granting Reeves' motion can be found here: